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About Us

Hello, my name is Juna and I am recognized as the founder of this wonderful brand. I have built my identity by taking my passion and translating it into a lifestyle to design spectacular events. With unrivaled creativity, and ingenuity, I consistently surpass the benchmarks to create unmatched events. At the age of eight, my passion for weddings and events began. I would stay glued to the T.V watching Four Weddings. Say yes to the dress and, My Fair Wedding on TLC. As years when on, my love for weddings and events grew. I realized that the success of any event depended mainly on the plans put into place. I have found my calling, and I am more than happy to infuse my magic into your ideas passionately. Nothing beats a planner that knows just what you want and goes all out to get it done.

My goal is to help you create events that will be beautifully relived- from wedding planning to other lifestyle events, corporate events to flowers; I have you covered. My eye for the tiniest of details will be more than helpful in helping you create that event. My journey into event planning and floral arrangement is one that signals grace. I lead a team of like minds that understand the importance of getting the basics of any event right and breathing life into it.